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“This is the most beautiful bouquet that I've ever seen! Thank you so much!”  Mary


“I just wanted to thank you for knocking it out of the park with the flowers for our wedding. They were absolutely beautiful- my bouquet was everything I'd ever dreamed it would be!”  Shanna


“I cannot tell you how thrilled I was with the flowers. They were even better than I could have ever dreamed. Seriously, they were stunning!! Thank you so much for doing them, I am so happy we found each other!”  Molly


“I thought the flowers were perfect. I loved my bouquet. It was the perfect size and all of the flowers complimented each other well. I know the bridesmaids loved their bouquets also. I thought that the relationship and proportion on all of the tables at the reception was great and it fit perfectly in the setting!”  Julie


“The flowers were SO beautiful.  On the Sunday after our party, we divided them up by whose mason jars were whose, and I just stared at them and wished so much that they would last forever.  In one word, they were perfect.  I thought your creative touches were amazing, and each type of arrangement was so well thought out, loved them! 

And I must say that I thought the price was amazing, especially since you came out and set them up.”  Mary


“The flowers were, indeed, beautiful and we received LOTS of complements on them.  The bouquet was exactly what I wanted and looked great with my dress. The flowers held up well in the heat and lasted quite a while.  I ended up re-purposing them several times over the days following the wedding because they were so pretty and we didn't want to throw them out!

Thanks again for helping make our wedding day so beautiful.”  Julie


“The flowers were perfect.  I mean really it was everything I had been hoping for.  I really appreciate all of your hard work and I would definitely recommend you to anyone and everyone I know.  I think your services and flowers were the best bang for your buck one could find around here and the fact that everything is local and organic just makes it that much better. “  Suzanne


“I loved the flowers, and so did everyone else.  They were absolutely beautiful. I was especially pleased that you included lavender, which is my favorite of all blooms and scents, and rosemary, which I'm sure you know is a symbol of faithfulness. I wore both of those in my hair and was delighted that they were also in the bouts. The bouquets were gorgeous, but not at all overdone or pretentious -- exactly what I wanted, and the colors were perfect. I know I gave you very little guidance as to what I wanted, and I was thrilled with the results -- I'm so glad I allowed you to do what you do best!”  Kristen


“As for the quality and quantity of flowers I have to say they were excellent! Every stem was fresh, strong and healthy. Your selection fit our tastes and desires for arrangements. Many, many, people came up to me all throughout the reception to say how pretty the flowers were.
Thank you so much for your help and service.  This part of the wedding couldn't have been more pleasant and fun. “  Sue


“Susan, I just wanted to thank you for the gorgeous flowers!  They are even better than I could have dreamed.  I was just blown away by how beautiful they were!”  Melissa

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