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Staunton Farmers' Market

     "Did you grow all this?"  That's a question I hear often from new Staunton Farmer's Market customers - most likely because of the large display and variety of flowers as well as some of the unusual offerings of produce we sell.  

     My answer is always "If I'm selling it - I grew it!"


     The Staunton Farmer's Market, located at the Wharf parking lot each Saturday from 7 a.m. to Noon - April - November, is a "Producer Only" market, which means that customers can trust that all products are grown or produced by the vendor who is there selling them! 


     Flower Fields offers ready-made bouquets, single stems and bunches of fresh cut flowers - all picked the day before!  In addition, we offer a wide selection of fresh vegetables, fruits, & fall ornamentals.  We are proud to have introduced Haricots verts, Cippolinis, four varieties of Baby Pink Ginger and two varieties of Turmeric to our market customers.

     2017 is the 15th year of our participation in the Market!


    Select your flowers when you get to the market or feel free to call ahead to pick up your own custom-made bouquet(s)!

Contact Susan by Thursday morning at 540-849-8026 for Saturday morning pick up.

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